Thyroid Surgery

UCLA Health article

I had nodules that turned out to be cancer on the right side of thyroid. My endocrinologist suggested that I have the whole thyroid removed as a cautionary measure. Dr. Livhits said she would just take half of it out, why have more out when there isn't anything suspicious on the left side. i was kind of on the fence and wasn't sure which way to go. I asked Dr. Livhits to talk to my endocrinologist so they can come up with a singular decision. After their conversation my endocrinologist called me and said he ultimately agreed with her. We only did the right side, a year i did my ultrasound and labs and its all fine. It was the right decision. What is positive of not taking the whole thyroid out is that I don't have to be on Synthroid and now i dont need to be on any medication because my left side has produces enough TSH. I think Dr. Livhits is a terrific surgeon and her bedside manner is excellent.