We love our pediatrician!

UCLA Health article

As a first-time mother of a wonderful child who presented with some unexpected health challenges that required two hospitalizations with many diagnostic procedures and two surgeries within the first year of his life, we are so thankful and appreciative of our pediatrician, Dr. Karen Lin. From the day our little one was born, she has been unfailingly supportive and available, reassuring, collaborative, and quick to respond whenever I have questions or concerns. As parents, we are so appreciative of her warm bedside manner and excellent, thorough primary pediatric care and overall care coordination between our son's many specialists. Most first-time parents don't expect that their child will be dependent on a feeding tube and night-time oxygen support, along with multiple physical/occupational/feeding therapy sessions every week -- but Dr, Lin has been our trusted cheerleader through our challenging first-year journey. She pushed for early work-up and diagnostics, and communicated very well between relevant specialists and disciplines. We are so grateful for her incredible care, and hope to be with her for years to come. I happily recommend her to all my "new mom" friends.

We are also very thankful for the excellent care our son receives from his specialists, especially Dr. Elaheh Vahabnezhad (pediatric gastroenterology), Dr. Mindy Ross and Dr. Iqbal Rashid (pediatric pulmonology), Dr. Julian Martinez (genetics), and many more. They say "it takes a village" to raise a child, and we are very appreciative of our son's incredible medical team. I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons my son is thriving now is because he receives his medical care from a coordinated UCLA team. Thank you all for the thoughtful, compassionate, and skilled care you provide to our son (and to our family!), each and every day.