Hospital Affiliation: UCLA Health

Abstracts/ Presentations

Handling Behavioral health on an Acute Care Inpatient Unit: how comfortable are you? Society of Pediatric Nursing National Conference. April 2020. (Poster)

In situ, high fidelity, multidisciplinary pediatric code blue simulation in a quality assurance program. Pediatric Hospitalist CLABSI Prevention. August 2020. 

Becoming a Pediatric CNS.  CLABSI prevention with Dr. Yamini Sharma. Pediatric MD Resident Noon Conference 

See my suffering: utilizing DisDat tool to identify suffering in developmental delay with Jeannie Meyer and Mary Beth Chambers.  NACNS. March 2021. (Podium)


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Madson, Z. C., Vangala, S., Sund, G. T., & Lin, J. A. (2020). Does carrier fluid reduce low flow drug infusion error from syringe size?. World journal of clinical pediatrics9(2), 17–28. 


2021 Drivers of Change Award - Clinical Nurse Specialist Team, UCLA Health, CENTER

2018 June 2018 UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica Clinical Nurse Educator of the Year

2016 September 2016 2nd Place Award for Evidence Based Project, Creating a Culture of Professional Development Through Staff Engagement


  • CNS lead in infection prevention (Bug Busters), continued work to standardize practice across units in MCH with focused work on CLABSI specifically
    • FY20 total CLABSIs = 18, SIR 0.8
    • FY21 total CLABSIs = 4, SIR 0.3 (as of Jan 2021)
      # of CLABSI decreased by >55% (when comparing 2019/20 CLABSI events to 2020/11 CLABSI events since FY21 is not yet complete)
    • Cost avoidance of >$430,000 (per AHRQ’s estimate of $48,108 per CLABSI)
    • CNS led to change neutral cap due to trend of defective caps (ICU Medical) that placed patients at high risk of CLABSI. Collaborated with Value Analysis/Products to trial several neutral caps and chose to move forward to transitioning the Health System with a new neutral cap.
  • Focused work on Covid Response
    • Created guideline for Pediatric Emergency Response to Covid-19.
    • Developed and trained through monthly in situ mock simulation and video simulation with debriefing for >200 interdisciplinary staff (RN/MD/RT/pharmacy)
    • Supported staff in caring for young adults/adults on various units – providing resources and just in time training during surge and overflow situation
  • Focused work on use of Cornerstone vs previous paper system
    • Created comprehensive pediatric specific initial new hire curriculum for ACCP
    • Created comprehensive pediatric specific initial new hire curriculum for RN
    • Created comprehensive pediatric specific annual competency curriculum for ACCP
    • Created comprehensive pediatric specific annual competency curriculum for RN
    • This now standardizes and streamlines the onboarding process for all MCH 3F, 5W, 6NW, float new hires. Staff are assigned modules and UDs will easily see when staff have completed assigned work in Cornerstone.