Critical Care 
Hospital Affiliation: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 


Sepsis Fair: Integrating QSEN Elements to Increase Engagement and Knowledge in Nursing and Associated Disciplinary. QSEN National Forum. 5/2017. (Podium)

Development of Infrastructure to Reduce Moral Distress among Critical Care Nurses. 4th National Nursing Ethics Conference. 3/2017. (Poster)

Ethics Early Action Improves Outcomes in the ICU. 16th UCLA Annual Research and EBP Conference. 10/2017. (Podium) 

Ensure Appropriate Ebola Response via Tiered Activation and Electronic Health Records Screening.  International Council of Nurses. 7/2019. (Podium) 


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Toppen, W., Montoya, EA., Ong, S., Markovic, D., Kao, Y., Xu, X., Chiem, A., Cannesson, M., Berlin, D., Barjaktarevic, I. (2018). Passive Leg Raise: Feasibility and Safety of the Maneuver in Patients with Undifferentiated Shock. Journal of Intensive Care Medicinehttps://doi.org/10.1177/0885066618820492

Meredith Vanstone, PhD; Thanh H. Neville, MD, MSHS; France J. Clarke, RRT; Marilyn Swinton, MSc; Marina Sadik, MA; Alyson Takaoka, MSc; Orla Smith, RN, PhD; Andrew J. Baker, MD; Allana LeBlanc, RN, MScN; Denise Foster, RN; Vinay Dhingra, MD; Peter Phung, MD, MBA; Xueqing (Sherry) Xu, RN, MSN, CCRN; Yuhan Kao, RN, MSN; Diane Heels-Ansdell, MSc; Benjamin Tam, MD, MSc; Feli Toledo, MDiv; Anne Boyle, MD; Deborah J. Cook, MD, MSc (2019). Compassionate End-of-Life Care: Mixed-Methods Multisite Evaluation of the 3 Wishes Project. Annals of Internal Medicinehttps://doi.org/10.7326/m19-2438

Alyson Takaoka, MSc, Meredith Vanstone, PhD, Thanh H. Neville, MD, MSHS, Sophia Goksoyr, MSW, RSW, Marilyn Swinton, MSc, France J. Clarke, RRT, Orla M. Smith, PhD, RN, Allana LeBlanc, MScN, RN, Denise Foster, RN, Yuhan Kao, MSN, RN, Xueqing Xu, MSN, RN, CCRN, GCNS-BC, NE-BC, Neala Hoad, RN, Feli Toledo, MDiv, and Deborah J. Cook, MD, MSc (2020). Family and Clinician Experiences of Sympathy Cards in the 3 Wishes Project. American Journal of Critical Carehttps://doi.org/10.4037/ajcc2020733


2021 Drivers of Change Award - Clinical Nurse Specialist Team, UCLA Health, CENTER

2021 Daisy Nurse Leader Award


  • COVID support during the pandemic via: PPE training to nursing staff in different units and various departments (laboratory, environmental services, speech pathology, etc.)
  • Created nursing protocols/standards when caring for critically ill COVID patients. PPE guidelines with EID and IP
  • Collaborated with Quality, Infection Prevention, and Logistic on UVGI process for N95 and various reusable items, such as glidescope, bedside computer, and carts
  • Continue collaboration with Quality and mentoring nursing staff on sepsis initiatives and projects on early recognition and treatment of sepsis