Specialty: Geriatrics
Hospital Affiliation: Health System 
Professional Governance: Health System CNS Council, Nursing Evidence Based Practice Council, Nursing Prioritization Council, Research and Innovation Council 


Abstracts/ Presentations

Operation Armenia, a Year in Review International Humanitarian Aid to Long-Term Infrastructure Development. UCLA International Education Week, Los Angeles, CA, November 2021.

Rise of the CNS in Caring for Vulnerable Populations. California Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist Annual Conference. Los Angeles, CA, November 2021.

Transforming Health Care: Leveraging Our Past Expertise to Mentor Our Present and Influence our Future! National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists. Indianapolis, IN. March 2020.

Vanishing MCS Caregiver: Insights into the Impact of Machines on the Caring Relationship. International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation. Orlando FL. April 2019.

Forming an Affiliate: The CACNS (California Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists) 30 years’ experience! National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists. Orlando, FL. March 2019.

SAFE™ Care, American Association of Critical Care Nurses – KECK Chapter. California Endowment Center. Los Angeles, CA. October 2018.

Interprofessional SAFE™ (Systems Addressing Frail Elders) Care. Huntington Hospital Inaugural Nursing Research Conference Improving Care Delivery. Los Angeles, CA. March 2018.

Putting the Pieces Together – Research Bridging CNSs Together Across Health Systems. National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists Annual Conference. Austin, TX. March 2018.

Interprofessional SAFE™ (Systems Addressing Frail Elders) Care. it begins with U, UCLA 16th Annual UCLA Research and Evidence-Based Practice Conference. Los Angeles, CA. October, 2017.

Path to Wellness: From Demonstration Project to Operational Program. AGS Scientific Meeting. San Antonio, TX. May 2017.

Systems Addressing Frail Elders (SAFE™) Care – A multisite collaboration in caring for older adults, NICHE Annual Conference, Austin, Texas, April 2017.

Bridging Acute Care and Community. Cedars Sinai Barriers and Bridges to Care Transitions Conference. Los Angeles, CA. October 2016.

The Future is Today: INSPIRING WRITING IN NURSES (IWIN). National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA. March 2016.


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2021 Drivers of Change Award - Clinical Nurse Specialist Team, UCLA Health, CENTER

2017 President’s Award, Cedars- Sinai Health System, June 

2013 Clinical Nurse Specialist Preceptor of the Year, The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists. San Antonio, TX. March


  • Development of skin and wound care program tailored for medical /psychiatric/mental health patient population.
  • Development of evidence based practice program for flagging behaviorally disruptive patients.
  • Guide clinical practice of medically complex patients in the psychiatric mental health setting.
  • Provide education and mentoring to clinical nurses in the care of a patient with PICC to prevent incidence of CLABSI, 281 days with zero rate.
  • Collaboration with health system expertise in developing psychiatric mental health safe workflows in the care of a COVID-19 patient.