Ryan White Programs

About the Ryan White Program at the UCLA CARE Center

The Ryan White Program (RWP) is a national program funded by the federal government. RWP provides HIV medical care, supportive services, HIV medications, and HIV-related medications.

The UCLA CARE Center offers the following RWP services:


1.) Ryan White Clinic/Ambulatory Outpatient Medical (AOM) Services

This clinic offers free primary medical care for uninsured people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. The program covers:

  • HIV Primary Care
  • Labs
  • Non-ADAP medications
  • Specialty care referrals

 Please click here for more information and eligibility requirements.

2.) AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Enrollment Services

ADAP ensures that people living with HIV/AIDS receive their HIV and HIV-related medications at no cost.  This program provides eligible California residents with:

  • Free HIV medications
  • Free HIV-related medications (if on the ADAP formulary)
  • Insurance premium payment assistance for patients enrolled in a private health insurance plan (OA-HIPP or EB-HIPP)
  • Premium payment assistance for individuals enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription plan (MDPP)
  • Co-pay reimbursements for services covered by insurance (MOOP/PAI)

Please click here for more information and eligibility requirements.

3.) Medical Care Coordination (MCC)

MCC is a case management program that can link people living with HIV/AIDS to community resources, educate patients about their HIV diagnosis, provide medical and psychosocial support, and advocacy.  MCC provides resources to:

  • Mental health/substance abuse referrals
  • Rental assistance
  • Safer sex supplies
  • Safer injection drug supplies
  • Dental referrals
  • Food resources and/or food from our in-house food pantry
  • And much more!

MCC works with newly diagnosed patients as well as long-term survivors. Please click here for more information and eligibility requirements.


The RWP also offers free, round trip transportation to UCLA medical appointments. This service is only available to patients who are enrolled in MCC and/or our Ryan White/AOM clinic.


This project is supported by funds received from the division of HIV and STD programs, the state of California, Department of Public Health Services, Office of AIDS, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources Services Administration.