PAC Therapy Animals


Abby - Great Pyrenees

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Human Partner: Betty

PAC Starting Year: Since 2015

Favorite Toy: Well-chewed stuffed critters

Favorite Activity: Chasing backyard squirrels

Favorite Treat: Milk Bones

Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a therapy dog at UCLA


Bart - Brussels Griffon

Human Partner: Jeanelle

Dog's name: Bart

Breed: Brussels Griffon

Therapy Animal Since: 2019

Favorite Toy: Squeaky taco

Favorite Activity: Going to brunch

Favorite Treat: Bananas

Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a PAC therapy dog


Bailey - Havanese

Breed: Havanese

Human Partner: Sara

PAC Starting Year: Since 2014

Favorite Toy: Small stuffed lamb

Favorite Activity: Relaxing and walking

Favorite Treat: Chicken chips

Greatest Accomplishment: Taking care of her owner


Baylee - Goldendoodle

Breed: Goldendoodle

Human Partner: Ginny

PAC Starting Year: 2016

Favorite Toy: Squeaky balls

Favorite Activity: Swimming, playing ball, Doodle Romps, Pet therapy

Favorite Treat: Chicken & Rice sticks from Trader Joe's

Greatest Accomplishment: Assisting with a stroke patient to say their first word

Bentley - English Bulldog

Bentley - English Bulldog

Human Partner: Natalie

Dog's name: Bentley

Breed: English Bulldog

Therapy Animal Since: 2019

Favorite Toy: Anything destructible 

Favorite Activity: Eating and sleeping

Favorite Treat: Anything edible

Greatest Accomplishment: Eating my Dad's wallet and not destroying any money! 

Blizzard - Collie

Blizzard - Collie

Breed: Collie

Human Partner: Peg

PAC Starting Year: Since 2010

Favorite Toy: Any Stick

Favorite Activity: Sleeping on the Bed

Favorite Treat: Cookies

Greatest Accomplishment: Kindness to all People and Animals

Blue Moon - Miniature Horse

Blue Moon

Breed: Miniature Horse, Black and White Pinto

Human Partner: Victoria

PAC Starting Year: Since 2017

Favorite Toy: Her keyboard

Favorite Activity: Getting cuddled by kids!

Favorite Treat: Carrots

Greatest Accomplishment: Leading her 6 other miniature horse sisters in the Tournament of Roses Parade!

Boba - Dogue de Bordeaux

Boba - Dogue de Bordeaux

Handler's Name: Anna 

Dog's name: Boba

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux

Favorite Toy: My small poodle-mix brother

Favorite Activity: Going to the Century City mall

Favorite Treat: Duck pumpkin

Greatest Accomplishment: Staying a svelte 120 lbs. (light for my breed)

BobDylan - Maremma Sheepdog

BobDylan - Maremma Sheepdog

Human Partner: Adam

PAC Starting Year: 2017

Favorite Toy: Squirrels

Favorite Activity: Running on the beach in Malibu

Favorite Treat: Belly Rubs

Greatest Accomplishment: Starred as "The Dog" in My Friend Dahmer

Bubbles - Black Labrador

Bubbles - Black Labrador

Gender: Female

Human Partner: Jane

PAC Starting Year: Since 2014

Favorite Toy: Pink Pig

Favorite Activity: Socializing

Favorite Treat: In & Out Burger

Greatest Accomplishment: Being accepted into the PAC program at 14 months

Callie - Golden Retriever

Callie - Golden Retriever

Handler's Name: Marcy

Dog's name: Callie

Breed: Golden Retriever

Therapy Animal Since: 2018

Favorite Toy: Stuffed goose

Favorite Activity: Running on the beach and meeting new people

Favorite Treat: Pita chips