ValU Care Redesign

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About Us

UCLA Health launched the ValU Care Redesign Department in 2014 to deliver the highest value of care possible. Our mission comes with one overarching mandate: always put patients and their families first.

Contact Us

To find out more about our ValU Care Redesign Department, call 310-267-3261.

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Creating Healthcare Value at UCLA

At UCLA Health, we believe our care should provide the highest possible value. To us, that means enhancing patient experience and improving the health outcomes patients care about most. It is the right thing to do, and it can also lower costs.

Promoting Our Shared Mission

We need your help. Whether you are a patient, family member, UCLA Health employee or outside professional, we want to hear from you. Speaking with our team provides critical feedback. Clinical partnerships promote success.

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Commitment to Patients and Families

Our patients and families come first, which is why we made value a permanent, ongoing focus across our system. Hear the reasons for that move and our commitment to change, as discussed by our Chief Operating and Medical and Quality Officers.