Rest is a key component in ensuring the performance of the musculoskeletal system. Frequent breaks can decrease the duration of a task and help lower risk of injury. Avoid extended periods of work during continuous tasks (typing/pipetting) by taking short breaks (~2 min) or by working in task rotations (ex: 30min mouse/keyboard, 2min rest, 30min pipetting, 2min rest, etc.). Take microbreaks (approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute) every 20 minutes to rest the upper and lower extremities, back, neck, and eyes. Consider light stretching every hour or as needed.

Break Reminder Software
RSI Guard is a tool that helps to schedule and customize your rest routine at regular intervals, depending on the intensity of your work. These breaks, called micro breaks and computer breaks are designed to allow you to work at a computer in a comfortable, healthy and efficient fashion. Besides breaks, RSI Guard also offers tips on aspects such as time management, work posture, comfort, exercise and healthy eating. RSI Guard will analyze your work patterns and then provide you with prompts as to when you should take quick physical or mental refreshers, as well as direct you to perform small but effective stretches to reduce discomfort and keep you energized throughout the day.

The program includes features such as:

  • Automatic Setting Recommendations: Tailors settings of the program to your work pattern
  • Interventions: Pop-ups to remind you to take a break, provide mental refreshment, setup shortcut key, email, and time management information, and perform exercises
  • Display Settings: Allows you to choose which content you would like to view
  • Profile Settings: Allows you to choose the amount of assistance (interventions) you prefer
  • Feedback Tab: Provides feedback on your work habits and recommendations to work more comfortably and efficiently
  • Advanced Reports: detailed statistics on your computer use
  • Time management and Email Management Course: For more in depth and structural learning, the program provides useful PDF files in the "Help Tab"

Access the download page below and use your email address to receive a temporary link to download the application then use the RSI Guard fact sheet for setup and installation instructions.

RSI Guard Fact Sheet