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Requesting an Evaluation

The UCLA Health Ergonomic Program applies to employees working in clinical departments. All new and current UCLA Health employees working at computer workstations are asked to complete RSS Computer Ergonomics as a first step toward achieving an optimal workstation setup. UC Employees can perform ergonomic self-assessments online with the RSS Computer Ergonomics solution. Accessible 24/7 from a computer, RSS Computer Ergonomics is an online solution that provides insights into how an employee’s workstation fits and meets their needs. The self-assessments helps identify ergonomic risks, such as repetitive tasks that can cause injuries, improper work area setup, and improper use of tools, which can result in the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

STEP #1:
Access RSS Computer Ergonomics

The Training and the Self-Assessment must be completed before scheduling an onsite evaluation.

STEP #2: 
Review and adjust your workstation based on the Recommendation Report. This report is based on feedback that was provided in the Self-Assessment and is helpful with making immediate adjustments to your equipment.

STEP #3:

Often employees are empowered to completely resolve their ergonomic issues at their desk after completing this training. If additional assistance is needed, please submit an EHS Service Request Form to request on-site evaluations or ergonomics lab appointments.

Faculty Practice Group and PCC employees, please contact the FPG Ergonomic Program

Employees referred by OHF and Workers Compensation cases: Please indicate your status on the form to receive priority service.

Onsite Evaluations

The evaluation is a 20-30 minute in-person consultation in your workstation. Safety staff will conduct an ergonomic assessment based on observations that include:

  • Posture and body mechanics
  • Equipment used (mouse, keyboard, pipettes, microscope, etc.)
  • Work environment including workspace, access, lighting and glare
  • Rate and repetition of tasks or job processes
  • Other employee practices that may be a contributing factor (behavioral habits)

An evaluation report will be provided to your supervisor and/ or department manager summarizing the ergonomic findings and recommendations.

Ergonomics Lab

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety has two Ergonomics Lab locations - in Westwood across from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center; as well as a second location near Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center.  Furnishings and equipment from the pre-approved product list are on display, including most chair models, keyboards, mice, and office products, along with a selection of keyboard trays, monitor arms, and other office furniture. The ergonomics lab is available by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit our ergonomics lab, please submit an EHS Service Request Form and select Ergo Lab to schedule a visit.

Remote Evaluations 

Virtual Workstation Evaluations are offered for remote workers and are conducted when an on-site evaluation is not feasible. The employee completes the RSS Computer Ergonomics module and provides digital images of their work area. An EH&S team member will provide coaching and training over the phone and/or web and submit a written copy of your recommendation report to your supervisor and/or department manager.

For questions or if you would like at home/telecommute support, please visit our Telecommute page or contact us via EHS Service Request Form.