Slip Resistant Footwear

Slip Resistant Footwear Program

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The goal of this program is to provide high quality highly slip- resistant footwear at no cost to host departments to all food service workers, and optionally to custodial staff and other workers with high slip-hazard work, at a frequency of every 6-months during their employment at any UCLA Health.

UCOP Risk Management implemented the UC system-wide Slip-Resistant Footwear (SRF) Program initially for food service and custodial employees with the goal of reducing the frequency and cost of slip and fall injuries by 50% in these job classifications.

By implementing this program in these indoor high-hazard slip/trip/fall job classifications, pilot studies have already demonstrated a 5-fold reduction in slip/fall injuries with comparable payback to operations throughout the system. The program has been broadened to include other workers in high slip-hazard work environments on a department job-class-by-job-class basis with review and approval for inclusion in the SRF program by UCOP and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Please contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety or your Department Safety Liaison if you have any questions about the Slip Resistant Footwear Program

Slip Resistant Footwear Catalogs

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Current Program Participants

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Questions? Please contact the UC Safety Shoes Program. *Please include your Program Unit Name (UCLAHSxx) in all correspondence.