Employee Safety and Injury Prevention

How to Report an Injury
In case of an occupational injury, always notify your supervisor immediately. 

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Overview, purpose and scope of UCLA Health System’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program. 

Accident Investigation 
To maintain a safe and healthy work environment, a thorough accident investigation should be conducted after an accident or incident to determine the cause of the incident and to ensure that appropriate follow-up, hazard communication, and hazard correction has occurred.

Job Safety Analysis 
A JSA describes job tasks in step-by-step fashion, identifies associated hazards at each step, and outlines proper hazard controls that minimize the risk of injury or illness to the individual(s) performing that task. Performing a JSA is not difficult; you and your co-workers can do it. Contact The Office of Environmental Health & Safety staff for additional information about JSAs.

Office exercises and stretching throughout the day is a great way to reduce fatigue and tension, increase blood circulation and flexibility. It is recommended that you take a short break every hour or so to get up and move around; especially if you are working at a computer all day. By doing some simple stretches you can feel better and be more comfortable at the work space.