Safe Patient Handling Program

safe patient handling

The Hospital Patient and Health Care Worker Injury Protection Act (AB 1136) became effective on January 1, 2012. This law, which has been incorporated into the California Labor Code as Section 6403.5 requires general acute care hospitals to adopt a safe patient handling policy as part of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

The purpose of the UCLA Health Safe Patient Handling and Movement Plan is to ensure a proactive patient handling program that focuses on the safety and well-being of all UCLA Health patients, staff, and volunteers through promoting safe work practices and ensuring that appropriate lifting practices are used in all patient handling situations

SPH Unit Lift Champions

Safe Patient Handling (SPH) practices are sustained by Unit Lift Champions and staff members from every patient care area. Lift Champions have attended special extensive training and help formulate solutions to promote a SPH culture at UCLA Health. For information on becoming a SPH Unit Lift Champion or to learn more about the SPH Program, please contact:

Safe Patient Handling - WW                 

Safe Patient Handling - SM

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Equipment Demonstrations

Safe Patient Handling Equipment Demonstrations 

Equipment Tips


Bariatric Resources

Bariatric Beds*

  • Sizewise Hercules Patient Repositioner - weight capacity 850 lbs.*             
  • Kreg E-Z Wider - weight capacity 1,000 lbs
  • Maxi Air Mattress (orange handles) 50 inch with Blower*
  • Shuttle Chair with or without Power Drive (bariatric cardiac chair)*
  • Limb Sling used with Maxi Move*
    • 154 lb. weight capacity (based on a patient weight of patient 600 lbs.)
  • Walkers
    • Medc 600 lb. weight Capacity*
    • Guardian 300 lbs weight Capacity*
  • Bedside Commode Bariatric
    • 300 weight capacity
    • 500 weight capacity
    • 1000 weight capacity (available at Ronald Reagan)
    • Wall mount tilet supports 1000 weight capacity
  • Transport Options
    • Manual Gurney (Stryker) 700 lbs
    • Power Gurney (Stryker) 700 lbs
    • Bariatric Wheelchair 22”, 24”, 32” seat widths, weight capacity 500 lbs.
  • MRI gurney specifications-weight capacity
    • STM1550-01 600 lbs
    • Gendron 1000MR-350 lbs
  • Lift Team Contact Information
    • RR Manager: 310-267-5947
    • SM Dispatch: 424-259-9410

* Request through Materials Management Forms Portal



Equipment User Manuals

Resources/Flyers/Huddle Messages