Energy Conservation

Carbon emissions reduction starts with energy efficiency programs. Our goal is to reduce our EUI (energy use intensity) - a measure of the total energy used from all utilities in our facilities divided by the square footage of the building - 2% per year.  Since 2015, we have reduced the EUI at our Ronald Reagan Medical Center 18%, but with increased utilization at our Santa Monica hospital, the EUI increased 4% over the same period.

Energy Trend

Our facilities team works within our operations to reduce energy through a variety of ways. The first is by replacing less energy-efficient lighting with LEDs and incorporating occupancy motion-sensors to turn off lighting when rooms aren’t in use. You can help too by turning off unused equipment in your department or the lights when you leave a conference room. Plugging in additional equipment such as portable space heaters, fans, or electronics also adds up, so please leave items like these at home. The facilities team works on retro commissioning projects, equipment upgrades, building automation, and other projects to reduce consumption further.