Water Conservation

In order to maintain the safety of our patients and reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), our infection prevention team encourages constant hand-washing by our clinicians. Water is a precious resource, especially in the arid climate of southern California, so whenever we remodel our spaces we incorporate low-flow toilets, sinks, and showers. 

Additionally, in October 2021 we eliminated the sale of water in plastic bottles and installed hydration stations in both of our hospital cafeterias.  We plan to continue to remodel our high-low drinking fountains with no-touch sensor bottle-filling stations to further encourage the use of reusables.

We utilize drought-tolerant landscaping on the exterior of both of our main hospital campuses. At our Ronald Reagan facility, artificial turf was installed on the patio outside our cafeteria to decrease irrigation needed for watering grass, and in 2020, our Santa Monica hospital completed a renovation of all of the parkways surrounding the campus as part of the City of Santa Monica’s rebate program.