As a division within the world renowned Stein Eye Institute, the UCLA Cataract and Refractive Surgery Division is dedicated to teaching both patients and young physicians the art and science of vision correction surgery. It is our reputation that brings patients to us, and our warm environment that keeps them referring friends and family.

Full-Time Faculty
Kevin Miller, MD, Chief
John Bartlett, MD
Shawn Lin, MD
Mitra Nejad, MD

Staff Optometrists
Tony Chan, OD
Carolyn Duong, OD
Linda Hwang, OD
Mark Landig, OD, FAAO
Amanda P. Havens, OD

Information and Referral
Dr. Miller, Dr. Powers, Dr. Duong: (310) 206-9951
Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Landig, Dr. Chan: (310) 983-3865
Dr. Nejad, Dr. Hwang: (310) 267-5577
Dr. Lin: (310) 206-7955

Dr. Miller, Powers, Duong: (310) 825-6919
Dr. Bartlett, Landig, Chan: (310) 983-3599
Dr. Nejad, Hwang: (310) 267-1921
Dr. Lin: (310) 267-1921