Primary Care Training and Enhancement

Increasing Access to Quality Care

UCLA Med-Peds was awarded a HRSA grant to develop a five-year primary care training program to improve services for individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP) and individuals with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities (P/IDD). Thus, the goal of the Primary Care Training and Enhancement – Language and Disability Access (PCTE-LDA) program is to increase access to quality primary care services for individuals with P/IDD-LEP in underserved and rural areas in the Los Angeles Inland Empire through achieving the following objectives: 

  1. Increase the number of primary care trainees trained to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care and services to these populations
  2. Develop and implement a culturally competent didactic and clinical curriculum to educate primary care trainees, faculty, and preceptors to care support P/IDD – LEP patients
  3. Provide opportunities for clinical training in community-based settings where medical students, physician assistant students, and medical residents can care for P/IDD – LEP patients

This program—led by faculty and clinicians at UCLA—focuses on leading the development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive P/IDD and LEP curricula at two accredited training programs serving patient populations that are disproportionately underserved:

  1. Charles R. Drew University College of Medicine
  2. Riverside University Health System