Department of Neurology Strategic Plan

The UCLA Department of Neurology is committed to achieving the primary missions of an academic medical center:

Clinical Care


Clinical Care: Provide excellent clinical care



Research: Conduct research that will improve the lives of neurology patients around the world



Education: Educate and train future neurologists and neuroscientists

To those traditional academic medical center goals, we have also added:



Culture: Build a culture within our department where people feel valued and supported

Doing that right doesn’t happen by accident. Our strategic planning process involved the entire department, patients, patients’ families, as well as leadership in the medical school and the health system. In all, we received input from more than 100 people through one-on-one interviews, focus groups and surveys.

We summarized our Strategic Plan into our mission, vision, values, priorities and goals. We then took each goal and identified specific ways to reach it – we went from “aspirational” goal to “granular” tactic. Aspirational is a good place to start but granular gets it done. We track our progress monthly, and are developing a dashboard that we will share within our department as well as with you. The dashboard will allow us to see at-a-glance where we’re succeeding and where we need to find a better way. 

Below is a summary of our strategic plan:

Strategic Plan - Neurology