Pediatric Endocrinology Research

UCLA is one of the leading research institutions in the world and receives more than $1 billion in extramural research funding every year, making it the nation’s 9th largest research university. Our division benefits from this rich research environment, allowing us to contribute to cutting-edge bench, translational and clinical research to improve child health. 

Our three research faculty lead cutting-edge research programs, currently funded by five R-equivalent grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Mittelman Lab
Steven Mittelman's lab studies the links between obesity and poor outcome of childhood leukemia. Read more

Su Lab
Maureen Su's Lab examines how autoimmunity can affect endocrine function. Read more

Our division also supports several clinical research studies, giving our patients access to cutting edge diagnostic and treatment modalities.

The Endocrine Division participates in a number of clinical research studies aimed at improving the lives of children. Some of these include:

Faculty and trainees benefit from the outstanding research environment at UCLA. See below for just a few of the programs and initiatives which impact our division: