Pediatric Critical Care Research


The Pediatric Critical Care Division has a strong investment in steering research in this field and mentoring the next generation of physician-scientists. In addition to participating Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators (PALISI),  our research efforts in Pulmonary Critical Care are spearheaded by the (a) the Schwingshackl Lab1,2 with a focus on biophysical processes underlying Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), and are supported by the NIH/R01, American Heart Association (AHA), and Department of Defense; (b) the NIH/R01-funded Sapru Lab with a focus on investigating the pathobiology of critical illness inferred from multi-omics (transcriptomic, genomic, proteomic) data, as well as differential effects of tight glucose control among critically ill children. Dr.Sapru is a member of the scientific steering committee of the PALISI and the national steering committee of the NICHD-funded Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Network (CPCCRN); and (c) by Dr. Sallee’s research exploring the role of endothelial glycocalyx degradation in the pathophysiology of Pediatric ARDS.

the Schwingshackl Lab
The Schwingshackl Lab

Additional areas of active research include the fields of:

  • Implementation Medicine and Neurocritical Care (Drs. Pineda, Brooks, Kadden -site PI for the multicenter P-ICECAP trial); Dr. Pineda is the founding chair, member of the leadership committee, and chair scientific review committee for the Pediatric Neurocritical Care Research Group (PNCRG)3
  • Iron metabolism and anemia4, inflammation/sepsis, acute liver failure, COVID-19, and local and global disaster preparedness (Dr. Bulut)
  • Resuscitation, cardiovascular medicine/ECMO, quality assessment/improvement, and simulation (Drs. Federman, Srivastava, Huard, Maitoza, Greenberg, Kadden)
  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Pediatric Critical Care (Dr. Maxson) 
  • Technology-dependent Complex Medical Care (Dr. Weiss) 

Most recent academic highlights include 30+ peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Sallee’s CDI Seed Grant award, Dr. Zyrianova’s American Thoracic Society Recognition of Early Academic Achievement Award, and Dr. Bulut’s award.

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