Surgical Education Technologies

CASIT works with industry leaders in surgical education technology to ensure that medical students, residents, and faculty surgeons have access to top-of-the-line surgical simulation equipment. These technologies allow surgeons and proceduralists to be lifelong learners, develop and train new skills, and use these skills to provide high-quality and safe surgical care. CASIT houses cutting-edge technology to train and assess sonographic, endoscopic, laparoscopic, and robotic skills.

da Vinci Skills Simulator by Mimic and Intuitive Surgical

Simulator 1
Simulator 2

The da Vinci Skills Simulator is a da Vinci robotic surgeon virtual reality simulator. This system very closely mimics the actual control console used with the da Vinci surgical robot. It is connected to a computer system which processes the inputs from the controller into the virtual environment, allowing one to practice robotic techniques and procedures. Read more here >

LapSim by Surgical Science


The LapSim is a state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator for multiple laparoscopic surgical procedures and techniques. This device incorporates a built-in haptic feedback system which very closely mimics the actual operational environment. This includes distinguishing between harder and softer tissues. The system incorporates a randomized generator for characteristics such as vessel diameter, vessel length, blood volume, etc., allowing the program to randomly vary these characteristics on a case-by-case basis, further mimicking conditions found in actual surgeries. Read more here >

Laparoscopic Box Trainers by SAGES

Box Trainer 2
Box Trainer 1

Laparoscopic box trainers are designed to simulate the laparoscopic surgical environment (i.e. the abdominal cavity). Box trainers include ports for trochar insertion and laparoscopic tool insertion into a cavity which houses exercise modules. These exercise modules are interchangeable and enhance different laparoscopic surgical maneuvers, including basic object manipulation, suturing and cutting, and endoloop manipulation. Surgeons in multiple specialties train and are assessed on laparoscopic box trainers for the FLS exam. Read more here >

GI Mentor by Simbionix

GI Mentor 1
GI Mentor 2

The GI Mentor is a state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator for endoscopic and bronchoscopic procedures. The GI Mentor simulates upper and lower endoscopic procedures and includes a library of training modules and patient cases, ranging from screening endoscopies to advanced endoscopic procedures. This system also includes bronchoscopic simulation. CASIT uses the GI Mentor to train and assess residents and fellows for the Fundamentals of Endoscopic Skills (FES) exam. Read more here >

SonoSimulator by SonoSim

Sono Sim

The SonoSimulator is a virtual reality platform for training ultrasound skills. Learners are able to practice hand-eye coordination with the probe, practice spatial reasoning skills, and interpret imaging findings from real patient cases. The SonoSimulator includes a comprehensive library of normal and pathologic conditions in a diverse set of specialties that use ultrasound techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Read more here >

TeamSim by Surgical Science

Team Sim 1
Team Sim 2

The TeamSim is a virtual reality simulator of the operating room environment and is designed to test and improve group dynamics within the OR. Similar to the LapSim, the TeamSim randomly generates scenarios in which certain aspects of the surgical procedure fail, such as a camera failure or an instrument failure. The team must learn how to prioritize and who performs which aspect of troubleshooting, thereby helping to optimize the interactions between the various team members in the OR during dire, high-pressure situations. Read more here >