CASIT is accredited as a Level I Comprehensive Education Institute through the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and provides opportunities for simulation-based training and resident assessment. CASIT provides objective performance-based criteria for certification to maintain its credentials. The American Board of Surgery requires training in technologies for Board certification among multiple specialties. As a member of the ACS Accredited Education Institutes program, we offer testing for Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Skills (FLS) and Fundamentals of Endoscopic Skills (FES) for surgical and gastroenterology trainees. In addition, CASIT conducts educational courses throughout the year, including the Basic Endovascular Skills for Trauma (BEST) and Advanced Surgical Skills for Exposure in Trauma (ASSET) courses. In collaboration with the UCLA Volunteers Office, we offer a week-long summer immersion program for ambitious high school students who may be interested in a medical or surgical career. Finally, CASIT houses cutting-edge technology for surgeons to hone their technical skills.

Please contact us with any educational needs you may like to use CASIT for: 310.267.8262 or [email protected]

ACS Accredited Education

Feature 1

The ACS-AEI program is aimed at educating and training residents using simulation-based education. UCLA is a credentialed site for FLS and FES testing. Learn more about FLS and FES testing at UCLA >

UCLA Simulation Center

CASIT Feature 2

CASIT collaborates with the UCLA Simulation Center to train learners with advanced simulation technology and research simulation strategies. Learn more about the UCLA Simulation Center >

CASIT Medical Education

CASIT Feature 3

CASIT offers a 2-year fellowship with the goals of conducting high-quality research in surgical education and simulation. Learn more about the fellowship >


Surgical Skills Training

CASIT houses cutting-edge technology for surgical skills training. Learn more about our surgical education technologies >

da Vinci Skills Simulator

CASIT Feature 4

The Mimic is a da Vinci robotic surgeon virtual reality simulator.

TeamSim by Surgical Science

CASIT Feature 5

Virtual reality simulator of the operating room environment, designed to test and improve group dynamics within the OR.

SonoSimulator by SonoSim

CASIT Feature 6

Virtual reality simulator for training ultrasound skills and ultrasound-guided procedures.

LapSim by Surgical Science

CASIT Feature 6.5

State-of-the-art virtual reality simulator for multiple laparoscopic surgical procedures and techniques.

FLS Box Trainers by SAGES

CASIT Feature 7

Laparoscopic box trainers designed to simulate the laparoscopic surgery environment.

GI Mentor by Simbionix

CASIT Feature 8

State-of-the-art virtual reality simulator for endoscopic procedures.