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HEDI Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to serve as an initial guide for individuals, teams and departments to increase awareness and drive change toward greater equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and anti-racism within UCLA Health.

A nurse showing a physician something on a tablet.
HEDI Toolkit cover – Taking action today to build an equitable tomorrow.

What’s in the Toolkit?

The toolkit consists of selected readings, videos and discussion questions to increase the understanding of important EDI and anti-racism principles and practices. It's designed to encourage self-reflection, guide group discussions and inspire collective action to create a work and clinical environment that actively opposes racism and bias, ensures equitable treatment and outcomes, celebrates diversity and creates a sense of belonging for all staff and patients.

How do I use the toolkit?

The toolkit can be used as a guide for individual and/or group directed learning. It is not meant to serve as formal UCLA Hospital and Clinic System EDI training. Formal EDI and anti-racism training will be implemented for all UCLA Hospital and Clinic System leaders and staff.

While this toolkit will assist in increasing awareness of racism, bias, health inequities and social injustices, transforming into an individual or organization that upholds anti-racism and anti-bias principles requires time, persistence and intentional action.

We welcome and invite questions, concerns or ideas

We welcome your ideas on how to best co-develop our future steps to achieve an equitable and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and circumstances.