Redefining who we are and how we care for each other, our patients and our communities.

By transforming our policies, procedures and standard operations, UCLA Health commits to upholding the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and justice.

A doctor helping a family through a loved-ones recovery.

Strategic Objectives

At UCLA Health, we believe that equity is an essential principle that must be incorporated into each part of our organization. By being equity-focused, we are taking steps to:

  • BUILD new structures and practices to promote anti-racism, inclusive excellence and equity for our people.
  • IMPROVE the clinical experience of our patients through accessibility, cultural humility and affirming care.
  • INVEST in our community through education, service and advocacy.
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Our People

  • Increase awareness of anti-racism/anti-discrimination principles
  • Foster a culture and climate of inclusive excellence
  • Develop new structures and policies to mitigate discrimination
  • Support inclusive hiring and advancement
  • Promote pay and opportunity equity
  • Create leadership development and mentorship program for under-represented staff
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Patient Experience

  • Promote a culturally respectful and linguistically aligned clinical environment
  • Enhance education, protocols, and systems to support inclusive affirming care
  • Foster equitable patient experiences through assessments and interventions
  • Partner with law enforcement to decrease policing within the clinical setting
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Quality, Safety, and Value

  • Create and maintain data infrastructures and dashboards to monitor and advance equity in clinical care and outcomes
  • Assess for equity in clinical care and outcomes between patient populations
  • Develop innovative, integrated clinical-social care models
  • Incorporate equity assessments into daily clinical operations and adverse outcome reviews
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Strategic Operations and Growth

  • Optimize Medi-Cal access to primary, specialty, and T/Q care
  • Establish healthcare anchor institution status
  • Promote environmental justice and sustainability efforts
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Financial Sustainability

  • Develop innovative programs and partnerships to support COEs and specialty focused programs that enhance access, cost savings/revenue production
  • Expand philanthropic support for HEDI initiatives
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Community Service and Engagement

  • Optimize community partnerships to promote equitable health and well being
  • Coordinate and expand workforce diversity exposure and pipeline programs
  • Expand educational presence in low-income communities and communities of color throughout Los Angeles County
  • Identify community needs and programs for investment
  • Advance advocacy efforts and coalition building

Clinical Care

Who you are is who we serve.

A UCLA Health staff member holding up UCLA's pride sign.

Gender Health Program

We provide comprehensive care for the transgender & gender diverse community by connecting experts from medical and surgical disciplines.

LGBTQ Champions

UCLA Health is dedicated to delivering excellent compassionate, inclusive and equitable care to support all of our patients, including our diverse LGBTQ+ community. While all UCLA team members care for all patients equitably, providers who have a particular interest and expertise in various aspects of care for the LGBTQ+ community have been designated with "Rainbow U" LGBTQ+ Champion designation.


The EMPWR (“empower”) Program is an initiative of the UCLA Division of Population Behavioral Health designed to promote well-being and resilience in LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) children, teenagers, and adults. EMPWR provides a safe, affirming environment for LGBTQ+ clients with mental health concerns related to stressful and/ or traumatic experiences.

Homeless Healthcare Collaborative

The UCLA Health Homeless Healthcare Collaborative is a direct-in-community program to expand access to efficient, equitable and high-quality health care for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Care teams that include doctors, nurses and social workers offer direct-in-community primary, preventive and urgent medical care, medical screenings, social service referrals and more.


Healthier communities create healthier outcomes.

A group photo of seniors sitting and talking.

We welcome and invite questions, concerns or ideas

We welcome your ideas on how to best co-develop our future steps to achieve an equitable and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and circumstances.