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Family and visitor guidelines


UCLA recognizes the vital role family members and friends play in enhancing the health and well-being of patients. Immediate family members and others designated by the family are encouraged to visit or to call for information about the patient's condition. If the patient consents, it is recommended that a family spokesperson be chosen to relay information to others who may not be able to visit.

The well-being of patients is the most important consideration when making decisions regarding visitors and visiting hours. The number of visitors allowed will depend on the needs of the patient and space considerations.

  • Our patients, if able, determine who visits them and when. If the patient wishes, visitors and families are welcome 24 hours a day. This may be modified at times by the nursing staff to meet the needs of the patient.
  • Please do not visit if you are ill with an infectious disease such as a cold or the flu.
  • To prevent transmission of germs, please clean your hands with soap and water or waterless hand sanitizer.
  • For patient safety, visits by children require clearance from the medical team and primary nurse to ensure that a sick child does not expose patients to other illnesses. For the child's safety, a responsible adult is required to be present at all times to supervise the child. Child Life specialists are available to help prepare children for visits with hospitalized parents or immediate family members.
  • With the exception of service dogs and UCLA pet-therapy dogs, no animals are permitted in the hospital.

Food services 424-259-6600
UCLA is proud to offer healthy, nutritionally balanced meals to patients. Dietitians work closely with your doctors and nurses to ensure that your nutritional needs are met during your stay. They can provide you and your family with information on special diets and discuss any nutritional concerns.

Hotel-style room service is available and may be ordered from 7 am until 7 pm. You will receive a menu that complies with the diet ordered by your physician. There is a signature dining button on your phone, or you can call x96600.

Every patient room is equipped with a television. For a complete list of available TV channels and stations, ask your nurse or the charge nurse for the unit.

Using your telephone
For your convenience, your bedside telephone has its own direct telephone number and is available to you for outgoing calls, 24 hours a day. Calls inside the UCLA campus and calls to local Los Angeles telephone numbers are free. Long distance calls will incur a charge.

  • Quick dialing tips:
    • For all phone calls within the hospital or any on-campus departments, simply dial the five-digit extension (the last five digits).
    • For local calls, dial 8, then 1, then the area code and number.
    • For long distance calls, dial 80# and wait for the operator to answer. Calls placed through the operator will be charged at a higher operator-assisted rate.
  • Cell phones
    Visitors and families are permitted to use cell phones in the patients' room or in the hospital lobby areas.

Internet access
Convenient wireless high-speed Internet is available through MedGuest to patients and family members throughout the medical center. Patients and family need to provide their own laptops. The password to access the Internet is available from your nurse, charge nurse or Patient Affairs.

Faxing and copying
The Office of the Patient Experience can assist with faxing and copying.

Automated Teller Machine (ATMs)
For your convenience, ATMs are located near the Emergency Department and Cafeteria.


Cashiering Services 424-259-8340
Cashiering Services is located on Level A of the Merle Norman Pavilion. Cash, personal checks, traveler's checks and most major credit cards are accepted for payment of hospital charges and other services. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Chase Child Life Program 424-259-8219


Child life/child development specialists are available to provide counseling and emotional support for chronically and acutely ill children and their families during medical events. Through play, education and other therapeutic interventions, children and their families have the opportunity to develop positive coping skills, increase understanding, optimize developmental potential and express concerns. Child Life specialists provide individualized and group therapeutic intervention at the bedside or in pediatric activity areas on a regular basis. Visit the Chase Child Life Program website to learn more.

International patients 310-794-8759
All patients receiving care at UCLA who reside outside of the United States should contact the International Relations Department for assistance with physician appointments, review of medical records, facilitation of care, and information about transportation, housing and other resources.

Interpreter Services (424) 259-9130
The UCLA Health Interpreter/Translation Program is available to all UCLA Health inpatients, outpatients and their relatives. Every attempt is made to provide services in any language, either by an in-person interpreter or by telephone. Written translations of certain medical documents, correspondence and patient-education materials are available. However, in-house translation services are limited and some requests will be referred to outside agencies and independent translators.

For the hearing impaired 424-259-6000
A telecommunications device is available to help hearing-impaired patients or patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Arrangements can be made through Interpreter Services to have a sign-language interpreter assist a hearing-impaired patient.

UCLA Health Ethics Center 310-794-6219
Specialists in ethics, in conjunction with the UCLA Ethics Committee, are available to help patients, their families and the healthcare teams address ethical issues. An effort is made to assess the values and the concerns of those involved and to facilitate understanding of goals of treatment, the plan of care or decision-making when patients are unable to do so for themselves. For more information, visit the Ethics Center website.

Notary public 424-259-9120
If you need a notary public, the Office of the Patient Experience can provide a list of private notary publics who are not affiliated with the university. These private notaries charge for their services.

Private-duty nursing 424-259-8385
You, your family or your doctor may request private-duty caregivers, although your UCLA nurse remains responsible for your care at all times. To request a private-duty caregiver, call our Nurse Staffing Office for a list of registries. Since most insurance plans do not cover private duty, you will be directly responsible for the cost.

Spiritual Care 424-259-8170
An interfaith Chapel/Meditation Room, located on Level A of Merle Norman Pavilion, is available for private prayer and meditation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Religious services are available in the hospital. Interfaith chaplains are always available for spiritual care and assistance and sacramental ministries. Visit the Spiritual Care website.

Programs for healing

PAC (People-Animal Connection) Program 424-259-8180


PAC is a volunteer group that provides animal-assisted therapy and companionship to aid in the comfort and healing of critically ill patients and their families at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. Evidence shows that PAC visits help patients lower blood pressure, speed the healing process, improve results of physical therapy and improve mental well-being. If you are interested, please discuss the option with your physician to make sure you are medically cleared for a pet visitation. For more information, visit the PAC website.

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program
An integrative therapy session that incorporates gentle healing modalities - Reiki, essential oil therapy and yoga therapy - to address the primary symptoms of pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion. Ask your nurse for more information.