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We treat CTD-ILD using a comprehensive approach and individualized care plans. Call us at 310-825-5800 to connect with an expert.

CTD-ILD Clinic Program Information

The CTD-ILD Program is an integrative, patient-oriented program, which affords patients with CTD-ILD the opportunity receive comprehensive and coordinated care by experts in CTD-ILD.

Coming to the CTD-ILD program offers several important advantages for improving your care:

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  1. The opportunity to see a Pulmonologist with an expertise in ILD
  2. The opportunity to see a Rheumatologist who specializes in your specific CTD
  3. The potential to see both your Pulmonologist and Rheumatologist on the same day to minimize travel time and expenses
  4. The potential to have your tests (blood tests, breathing tests, radiology studies) on the same day as your office visit
  5. Direct access to a clinical coordinator who can help you schedule your office visits and tests at the times most convenient for you
  6. The ability to participate in research studies, which may improve our understanding of the causes of CTD-ILD and how to treat these diseases better (This is optional; You do not need to participate in research studies to come to the CTD-ILD program).

To schedule an appointment, please call the primary coordinator for the CTD-ILD Program at 310-825-5800.

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