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We treat CTD-ILD using a comprehensive approach and individualized care plans. Call us at 310-825-5800 to connect with an expert.

CTD-ILD Program Team

Our team includes pulmonologists, rheumatologists, radiologists, pathologists, statisticians, nurses and staff members, who are all dedicated to improving your health care.

We also work closely with doctors specializing in pulmonary hypertension and gastroenterology. Every week, the doctors and staff members of the CTD-ILD Program meet to review patient cases in the CTD-ILD Program and develop their plan of care. This helps to ensure that your care is coordinated and that your doctors work together to create an individualized treatment plan for you.

List of Rheumatologists who specialize in CTD


Other Program Personnel

  • Holly LeClair, PhD
    Data Manager
  • Grace Kim, PhD
  • Grace Ibrahim
    Clinical Coordinator for the CTD-ILD Program
  • Eileen Callahan
    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Aradhna Mayalall
    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Paul Lopez
    Clinical Research Coordinator

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