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Our team delivers holistic care for people with GI disorders. We enhance your overall well-being with a wide range of dietary, behavioral and integrative health practices. Call us at 310-825-2631 to connect with an expert.

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What is integrative health?

Integrative health is a patient-centered approach focused on all aspects of health with an emphasis on health enhancement and whole person care.

The integrative health nurse practitioner focuses on symptom management in the context of health enhancement, resource building and personal empowerment so you can move beyond coping and live with balance. The practitioner has extensive experience in brain-gut research and caring for people with digestive disorders.

At the visit, the practitioner will assess your unique symptoms and how they impact your daily life. You and the practitioner will also explore the different influences that affect health, your specific stressors, conditioned patterns that may have developed in relation to your symptoms, and expectations around health and healing.

It is not stress itself but how we respond to it that determines the quality of our lives. Suzanne R. Smith, MSN, NP, CMT-P

You will receive education on the brain-gut-microbiome axis, stress response physiology and tools for cultivating resilience informed by research. You will learn strategies for healthy living and practice mind-body tools such as mindfulness and relaxation.

These tools and strategies are integrated into an easy to implement personalized plan of action, based on your specific needs and lifestyle. Practiced regularly these tools become skills to meet your symptoms with confidence as they arise and motivate you to make more skillful choices in relation to your health.

The integrative health practitioner works together with our team of physicians, dietitians and psychologists to provide the best comprehensive care for your health.

At the initial 90-minute visit, the integrative health practitioner and you will:

  • Assess current symptoms, sleep, fitness, support systems, stress management and overall well-being
  • Explore attitudes and expectations in relationship to your GI health
  • Learn and practice skills to improve symptoms and enhance overall well-being
  • Create a personalized care plan based on healthy behaviors

Subsequent visits will evaluate and optimize plans for sustained success.

The integrative health practitioner offers the following wellness approaches:

You are invited to become an empowered participant in your health. Consult with your gastroenterologist for a referral.