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Our team delivers holistic care for people with GI disorders. We enhance your overall well-being with a wide range of dietary, behavioral and integrative health practices. Call us at 310-825-2631 to connect with an expert.

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Connect with your UCLA healthcare professional using telemedicine

Instead of driving to your doctor's office for an exam, consultation or follow-up appointment, you can connect with your healthcare provider using app-based technologies on your tablet or smartphone. More FAQs and answers to your questions

Integrative health practitioner - Westwood

You must be referred by a UCLA gastroenterologist. See our gastroenterologists

GI nutrition - North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Torrance, Westwood and Telehealth

Telemedicine/consultations from home are available for follow-up sessions and those who live in California.

Insurance / Cash rates for GI nutrition

The office of your referring physician should attempt to obtain authorization from your insurance company for all or partial coverage of our services prior to scheduling appointments. In the event that insurance coverage for this service is not covered, you will be responsible for payment at the time of service. Subsequent authorizations will be processed by our office. Please contact our office for cash rates.