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Patients in our program consistently improve their health markers and make long-term lifestyle changes. To learn more about the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program, call 310-825-0014.

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Learn more about what sets our program. Check our patient stories section for information about how our program helps patients.

Q&A with Dr. Dean Ornish - How Dr. Robert Treuherz Avoided A Heart Transplant

In 2019 thousands of folks participated in Folks Over Knives webinar “Ask Dr. Dean Ornish Q&A” which featured one of our very own UCLA Ornish alumni. Dr. Ornish discussed the story of Dr. Robert Treuherz, who, after suffering a heart attack, was told that only a heart transplant could save his life. "While waiting for a donor, he went through our Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program at UCLA-- and after only nine weeks, he improved so much he didn't need a heart transplant anymore! What's the more radical intervention-- a heart transplant or eat well, move more, stress less, and love more?"

Rehabilitation Speeds Recovery

Dr. Tamara Horwich, MD, Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation consults John Babcock for post heart transplant cardiac rehabilitation.

Nutrition: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

UCLA Health registered dietitian Mary Galindo, MPH, RD, discuss how to create a delicious plant-based nutrition plan.

Lifelong Transformation Through Lifestyle Medicine

UCLA Health cardiologist Tamara Horwich, MD, and special guest Dr. Dean Ornish discuss the healing and transformative power of the UCLA Health Lifestyle Medicine Program. #UCLAMDChat.

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Learn more about Lifestyle medicine and the way that it is changing lives everyday. 


Illustration of woman sitting in yoga pose

UCLA Health offers free yoga therapy sessions

UCLA Health Connect. Published online Aug, 29 2022.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, as stress levels skyrocketed, UCLA Health’s Integrative Medicine Collaborative launched a novel program: free, virtual yoga therapy.




dead on the road

From 'Dead on the Road' to Healthy and Active

UCLA Health Connect. Published online Jan 7, 2019.

After a massive heart attack, Michael Bannon describes how the UCLA Health Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program helped turn his life around.



Richard Sassin

From Overwhelming to Lifechanging 

UCLA Health Connect. Published online Oct 31, 2018.

Richard Sassin describes his experience with the UCLA Health Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program.



Open Heart

Open Heart 

UCLA Health Connect. Published online Oct 31, 2018.

Richard Sassin, pictured right, is a graduate of the nine week program.  Here he presents his artwork to Dr. Dean Ornish (far left) and Dr. Samuel Daneshvar (middle).



Heart Patients Should Consider Cardiac Rehab

Reuters. Published online Oct 25, 2018.

This informative Reuters article describes the advantages of cardiac rehabilitation programs.




Should I Participate in a Cardiac Rehabiliation Program?

JAMA Cardiol. Published online Oct 10, 2018.

Learn why you should participate in cardiac rehabilitation in this concise and informative article written by UCLA Health Cardiac Rehabilitation Medical Director, Dr. Tamara B. Horwich, MD, MS and UCLA Health Clinical Chief of Cardiology, Dr. Gregg C. Fonarow, MD.




Rehabilitation Speeds Recovery 

Vital Signs, Summer 2018.

“The trick with rehab is to keep it up. The heart is a muscle, and muscles support lung function, and exercise will help strengthen them and improve output. But you have to continue with it.”