Neurological Congenital Anomalies

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Congenital Anomalies of the Brain & Spinal Cord at UCLA NICU

With consultation from specialists in Pediatric NeurosurgeryCraniofacial Surgery, and Interventional Neuroradiology, we offer comprehensive care for newborn babies with malformations of the brain and spinal cord.

Arteriovenous Malformations and Vein of Galen Malformation

Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are defects of the brain's circulatory system that are generally believed to arise during fetal development. They are essentially faulty connections between arteries and veins. The most common AVM affecting newborns is the Vein of Galen Malformation. If left untreated, Vein of Galen malformation can lead to bleeding in the brain and congestive heart failure. The treatment for Vein of Galen malformation involves endovascular embolization of the abnormal blood vessels, often within the first few days or weeks of a baby's life. The UCLA Interventional Neuroradiology specialists are one of the few groups in the country offering this potentially life saving treatment.

Malformations of the Brain and Spinal Cord

The Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic and state-of-the-art surgical management of congenital anomalies of the nervous system, including conditions such as:

Craniosynostosis and Craniofacial Surgery

The UCLA Craniofacial Program offers a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of newborns and children with congenital craniofacial anomalies. It is one of the largest and distinguished programs of its kind and serves as the regional center for the southwestern United States. The group brings together neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, oral surgeons, head and neck surgeons, medical geneticists, ophthalmologists, orthodontists, otolaryngologists, audiologists and speech pathologists to develop a comprehensive and coordinated treatment plan for each patient. Some of conditions that may require craniofacial surgery in the newborn period include:

  • Craniosynostosis
  • Cleft lip/palate
  • Microtia
  • Pierre Robin sequence
  • Crouzon disease
  • Apert syndrome
  • Treacher Collins syndrome
  • Pfeiffer syndrome
  • Facial and nasal encephaloceles

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