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We offer neuromodulation for a wide range of movement disorders and pain conditions. Call 310-825-5111 to learn more about neuromodulation therapies.

The UCLA Neuromodulation for Movement Disorders and Pain Program offers wide range of surgical treatment options for patients who can't take or do not respond well to medications.

Our philosophy is simple: we offer personalized care that caters to each patient's needs.

  • We help you decide whether surgery is right for you
  • If it's not, we help our patients find the best non-surgical treatment
  • During and after surgery, we make as many adjustments as necessary to help you achieve the best results. We work with our patients for anywhere from three months to a year to make sure our implanted surgical devices are working exactly right for you.

Expert treatment with deep stimulation surgery in Southern California

We have performed more than 500 deep brain stimulation surgeries - more than any other medical center in Southern California. We've also been working with this advanced brain surgery technique longer than any other neurosurgery team in the U.S. Our faculty began performing deep brain stimulation in Europe before it was available here.

For carefully selected patients, deep brain stimulation surgery has been shown to be better than best medical therapy for patients with Parkinson's disease, Essential Tremor, and Dystonia. Learn more about deep brain stimulation.

Advanced neurosurgical treatment options for pain and movement disorders

Our full list of treatment options includes:

Learn more about the conditions we treat with surgery.