Corneal Disorders & Uveitis

Our corneal disorders and uveitis specialists provide comprehensive care in one convenient setting, including timely treatment for urgent concerns.

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UCLA Health approach to corneal disorders and uveitis

Our corneal disorders and uveitis specialists offer comprehensive treatment for conditions affecting the outer and middle layers of your eye (cornea and uvea). Our team is part of the UCLA Health Stein Eye Institute and Doheny Eye Centers, which U.S. News & World Report ranks fifth in the nation for ophthalmology care.

Highlights of our program include:

Treatment for urgent needs: Through the corneal ulcer service, we offer urgent appointments for corneal ulcers. You have easy access to emergency treatment without waiting for a referral.

In-house services: We have all the necessary imaging equipment and diagnostic tools in our clinic, so you don’t have to go elsewhere for diagnostic testing. Comprehensive testing allows us to make accurate diagnoses, as well as refer to subspecialists as needed.

Teaching and training: As part of an academic center, our physicians train residents and fellows. These residents and fellows work alongside our attending physicians, which expands access to care.

Research emphasis: Our physicians participate in multiple clinical trials and research projects. When you come to UCLA Health, you receive care from world-renowned experts. By participating in clinical trials, we can offer the latest treatments to eligible patients. 

Coordinated care: We refer to and work with other subspecialists to deliver comprehensive, coordinated care. Patients visiting from out of the region or state conveniently can attend several appointments in one day.

Our areas of care

Our specialists provide care in several centers and in collaboration with multiple specialists. Our areas of care include: 

Cornea and Uveitis Clinic

Through our Cornea and Uveitis Clinic, we treat a range of conditions affecting the cornea and uvea. Our attending physicians work with residents and fellows to increase care access. You receive timely appointments from a team of specialists.

Corneal ulcer service

Our experts provide specialized care for patients with corneal ulcers. Instead of going to an urgent care center and waiting for a referral, patients can come directly to a cornea specialist. You may also call at any time of day to speak with the on-call fellow or attending physician about urgent concerns.

Laser Refractive Center

Our cornea and uveitis specialists perform vision correction surgery in the Laser Refractive Center. This center is equipped with the latest advanced technology for all types of refractive surgeries.

Conditions we treat

We treat a comprehensive range of conditions affecting the cornea and uvea, including:

Coloboma: An iris defect that allows light to enter the eye in an extra hole other than the pupil

Conjunctivitis (pink eye): Eye infection affecting the layer of tissue over the eyeball (conjunctiva) and inside lining of the eyelid

Corneal dystrophies: Genetic diseases in which irregular material forms in the outer layer of eye tissue (cornea), often leading to vision problems

Corneal ulcers: Open sores on the cornea, often due to infection

Herpes eye disease: Eye problems or infections caused by the herpes simplex virus, often including eye sores, redness or cornea swelling

HIV-related eye problems: Eye conditions affecting people with HIV, including dry eye, retinopathy or cotton wool spots, fluffy white spots on the surface of the retina

Iris tumors: Atypical masses of cells that affect the pigmented membrane (iris) just below the eye’s surface

Uveitis: Eye inflammation affecting the middle layer of eye tissue (uvea)

Treatments we offer

Our specialists provide a full range of treatments for corneal disorders and uveitis. We may offer:

Corneal crosslinking: Eye doctors treat a weak or warped cornea by applying eyedrops and ultraviolet light to the eye. This strengthens corneal tissue.

Corneal transplantation: Eye surgeons replace a damaged or diseased portion of the cornea with donated corneal tissue.

Iridectomy: Eye surgeons remove a tumor along with part of the iris’s tissue.

Iris repair: Eye surgeons reshape the iris to its original round shape. 

Medications: Antibiotic, antifungal or antiviral eye drops may treat corneal ulcers or conjunctivitis. Steroid eyedrops are often the treatment of choice for uveitis.

Plaque radiation therapy: Surgeons place a radiation source in a small bowl called a plaque. Then, they attach the plaque to the eye to deliver precise radiation doses to the tumor while protecting vision. 

Meet our team

Our specialists are clinical providers, researchers and national leaders in disorders of the cornea and uvea. We provide comprehensive, compassionate care using the latest techniques and treatments.

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