Cardiac MRI in the Setting of Implanted Pacemaker or ICD

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Common conditions:

  • Cardiac viability evaluation
  • Cardiac function evaluation
  • Pre-ablation planning
  • Sample Image

What are some key elements of this study?

  • Pre-imaging evaluation by electrophysiology clinic
  • Pre-imaging device programming by an electrophysiology NP
  • Monitoring throughout the examination by electrophysiology NP
  • Post-exam device reprogramming

Why this modality?

Ability to evaluate function and tissue viability/scarring

Who reads these studies?

Cardiac radiologist

What to do if there is a finding?

Followup with cardiologist

Why get this done at UCLA Radiology?

  • One of few sites with a comprehensive implanted pacemaker/ICD scanning program including pre-imaging screening and monitoring throughout the image acquisition. We performed nearly 700 MR exams with implanted cardiac devices in 2019
  • UCLA physicist Peng Hu developed the broad band protocol for acquiring cardiac images in the setting of pacemakers/ICD while minimizing artifact (now adopted at sites worldwide)
  • Experienced MR technologists
  • Onsite physician feedback and collaboration with MR technologists