Procedure Preparation

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Radiologists are experts in all types of imaging, including advanced techniques.

Call today to find medical imaging near you and schedule your imaging procedure (MR, CT, PET, Dexa, Ultrasound).

Certain procedures require specific patient preparations to produce quality images. Please follow the preparation instructions shared with you by your provider or scheduler for your specific study.

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We recommend myUCLAhealth for the most appropriate preparation for your specific study. The myUCLAhealth app will show upcoming appointments for your imaging studies, including time, location, and procedure preparation. Also, your full written report of the diagnostic imaging study will be shared with you via myUCLAhealth within 2 weeks of your study.

If you are unsure about your preparation, please Contact Us at the Radiology Centralized Scheduling Team: 310-301-6800.

Pediatrics/Children Imaging Preparation Videos

For children who are scheduled to receive a CT or MR, we recommend that the patient and their guardians review a short video setting up expectations before their first scan.