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Heart Robotic Surgery at UCLA

If you need mitral valve surgery, you have come to one of the busiest and most experienced centers in the world. Our experienced cardiac robotic surgeons perform this complex heart repair weekly. Our commitment to innovation and research is fueled by the determination to discover safer, less invasive, and effective cardiac surgical approaches to repair the heart. 

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What is Robotic Mitral Valve Surgery?

Traditionally, heart surgeons would have to cut the chest and sternum (breastbone) to access the heart and perform any repairs. Today, at UCLA, our cardiac robotic surgeons prefer to use minimally invasive approaches, because patients have a reduced risk of infection, less pain, less blood transfusion fewer days in the hospital and an overall faster recovery.

Now, we have an even more advanced approach to minimally invasive mitral valve repair—the Robotic Surgical System—an advanced surgical tool that provides greater accuracy and visualization of the heart.

The surgical robot is merely a tool for your cardiac surgeon. Your surgeon controls the robot 100 percent of the time—the robot is merely an extension of the surgeon’s arms and hands, providing unsurpassed control, visualization and accuracy.

Why Choose UCLA for Heart Robotic Surgery?

At UCLA, we take great pride in our robotic surgery program. First, our doctors are researching better methods of using the robot to improve outcomes and recovery for patients. Second, we assemble surgeons, nurses and operating staff who work together in teams on a daily basis to provide an exceptional patient experience. Third, we designed the patient experience to be smooth and comfortable, taking into account pain management needs as well as plans for recovery—both in the hospital and once back at home.

Robotic Surgery for Mitral Valve Repair: What to Expect

During a robotic mitral valve repair, your cardiac robotic surgeon will make very small incisions in the chest.  There is no breaking of the breastbone during a robotic procedure. This is a significant advantage for you and leads to less pain and a faster return to everyday activities.

The robot offers further advantages: clearer visualization projected onto screens for the surgeon to view while performing the mitral valve repair. The three-dimensional imaging and magnifications give our surgeons crisp, detailed images to view the heart as the repair takes place. And, the robot allows your surgeon to manipulate the instruments much more easily and with greater accuracy.

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Is da Vinci surgery right for me?

Only a UCLA experienced heart robotic surgeon can make the determination if the robotic approach is the right one for your mitral valve repair. He or she will discuss all aspects of your condition with you and help you decide what the right treatment is for you and your lifestyle.

Are there other robotic approaches to Cardiac Surgery?

Some times of bypass operations can be performed using the robot. In addition, closure of atrial septal defects can be performed using the robot. These robotic procedures offer the same advantages as other robotic cardiac procedures. 

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