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When many people hear the term ‘robotic surgery,’ they imagine a robot operating on them, but that is exactly the opposite of what happens.

Currently, we use the da Vinci™ surgical system, which combines four arms to hold instruments, a camera for increased visualization and a module for your surgeon. Your doctor is always fully in control of the robot, but the added benefits of using all of this combined technology makes a huge difference in terms of recovery and pain.

Surgeons performing robotic surgery

Imagine the difference between a small incision the size of a dime versus an incision the size of half of a ruler. The robot’s unique arms allow the surgeon to manipulate the full 360 degrees that the human wrist cannot, allowing for precise movements. And, the camera gives your surgical team a magnified view of the entire surgical area. In some cases, skin incisions are not required at all.

Combined, all of these advances result in shorter recovery times, less pain from the incisions, less risk of infection and reduced time away from your life.

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