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About Us: UCLA Robotic Surgery

Many factors combine to give a hospital a national reputation as one of the leading top five hospitals in the United States, according to U.S. News & World ReportUCLA takes great pride in its robotic surgery program, including our experienced surgeons, research that changes how we care for patients—from before surgery to after—as well as our pro-active pain management program and integrated approach to treatment.

About Our Robotic Surgery Team

Choosing where to have any kind of surgery is important, but choosing where to go for robotic surgery means you want experienced teams who are leading the field. All of our surgeons have years of experience and perform research to improve technique and outcomes.

Our highly trained nursing and OR staff is specially dedicated to the robotics program—meaning, robotics surgery is what these teams focus on every day. Working in smooth conjunction, these teams specialize in robotic surgery with a core group of nurses and anesthesiologists. Together, they are training the future generation of robotic surgery experts, including surgeons, nurses and pain management professionals.

Robotic Surgery Research for Better Outcomes

You want to know that the people who are treating you are researching better methods to perform these types of surgeries. Our focus is on bringing research from the lab to the bedside.  Our surgeons publish their techniques with outcomes, helping others in the field improve their own approaches. Learn more about the Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology’s, the research center of robotic surgery at UCLA. Read more about Robotic Surgery and recent advances in research at UCLA here.

Collaborative Approach to Cancer Treatment

If you need robotic surgery as treatment for cancer, you want to know you have a well-oiled machine working on your behalf. Because of the multidisciplinary (different specialists working together) nature of the programs at UCLA, your robotic surgeon will discuss the procedures with the medical oncologist and radiation oncologists. Working together, they actively collaborate so you have the best possible decisions made about your care by your team of experts.

The robotic approach when applied to your cancer surgery may provide improved efficiency in completing your multidisciplinary treatment plan. Faster recovery and fewer complications associated with robotic surgery means that the next phase of your cancer care can begin in a timely manner when its most effective.

Pro-active Pain Management

Fear about surgery is only followed by fear about pain, and the robotic surgery team at UCLA understands this. Before patients have surgery, our robotic surgery team will evaluate you during a preoperative screening service. We will offer you different alternatives to pain management, including:

  • Nerve blocks
  • Acupuncture
  • Other alternative therapies

The goal is to help determine how best to manage your pain, both in the hospital and when you return home.

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