Robotic Colorectal Surgery

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Colorectal Robotic Surgery / da Vinci Surgery at UCLA

The application of robotic surgery in treatment of complex conditions of the colon and rectum has revolutionized the field of colorectal surgery. While UCLA has been at the forefront of laparoscopic minimally invasive colon surgery over the past decade, providing patients with rectal cancer and other complex pelvic conditions such as rectal prolapse with the benefits of minimally invasive surgery using standard laparoscopic instruments has been somewhat limited.

Doctor and robotic surgery tool

With robotic surgery, colorectal surgeons have gained improved 3D visualization and maneuverability in difficult to access pelvic spaces to perform life-saving surgeries for colorectal cancer and non-cancer conditions with small incisions.

In addition, the enhanced magnification provided with robotic colorectal surgery helps the surgeon minimize trauma to important nerves which improves preservation of important quality of life factors such as urinary and sexual function.

What is robotic colorectal surgery?

At UCLA, our robotic colorectal surgeons use the robot to perform:

Why choose UCLA for colorectal robotic surgery?

At UCLA, our colorectal surgeons have the most experience with robotic colorectal surgery in Los Angeles.  Furthermore, everyone involved in your robotic surgery trains in teams to provide an exceptional patient experience, from the beginning of surgery until you recover. We pay special attention to managing your pain after surgery and developing a plan to helping you recover.

Is da Vinci surgery right for me?

Many factors influence how a surgeon decides to perform surgery. Discuss all of the possible advantages with your doctor before making a decision that is right for you and your medical condition. Learn more below:

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