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Welcome to the UCLA Endocrine Center

Launched in January 2016, this multidisciplinary integrated practice unit represents the culmination of a decade of program development.

In the Endocrine Center, physicians with diverse areas of expertise come together to provide world-class care to each patient. This is a single destination where comprehensive care for diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands is delivered.

Michael Yeh MD, Chief of UCLA Endocrine Surgery.

What is integrated practice?

Dr. Michael Yeh, UCLA Health
Dr. Michael Yeh, UCLA Health

Integrated practice is the blending of multiple medical specialties into a single institute for comprehensive, disease-specific care.

Traditional practice models are centered on individual medical specialties (such as surgery, radiology, or pediatrics, for example) and involve patients traveling between locations to receive fragmented components of care.  One study demonstrated that a patient with breast cancer would need to walk several miles in a day in order to receive various “pieces” of care from different traditional practice areas within a medical center.  In contrast, integrated practice – the care model of the future – centers on the needs of the patient, with doctors from diverse backgrounds gathering in a single location to provide a wide set of skills to each patient.  In short, integrated practice means having all the doctors you need to get better in a single location.  This greatly facilitates physician communication and collaboration, as well as patient engagement.  Getting several opinions is easy. More minds working together to improve your health leads to better outcomes, faster results, and a superior patient experience.

Wherever you are on your care path, we are here to meet you


Michael Yeh
Michael Yeh, MD

Do you have a newly discovered thyroid nodule or high blood calcium level?  We can help you get started and develop a concrete plan today.  Are you seeking a second opinion after having been evaluated elsewhere?  We do routinely, for patients from across the globe.  Do you have a complex history of prior surgery and require specialized care?

As a destination center for advanced endocrine surgery, we are happy to take on the most challenging cases.  Are you struggling with a difficult thyroid cancer and in need of our multidisciplinary panel of experts?  We would be pleased to present your case at our monthly tumor board.  Please contact us so that we can help you.

Patient Care and Research

“Our Mission is to bring together expertise in endocrine surgery, medical endocrinology, oncology, pathology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and genetics to offer the highest level of patient care and research available worldwide.”

—Michael Yeh, MD
Program Director, Endocrine Surgery

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