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UCLA physicians presented their research at the 87th Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association.

ATA Group
They met with the rest of the editorial board to discuss future plans for the journal.

Dr. Angela Leung was the Program Committee Co-Chair for the meeting. Drs. Leung, Masha Livhits, and Michael Yeh are co-editors of the journal Clinical Thyroidology. Medical student Roy Park described the trends of radioactive iodine ablation for thyroid cancer throughout California.

Radioactive iodine is being used less and less over time, which is appropriate since most thyroid cancers are not very aggressive and are fully treated with surgery alone. Some patients with small, low-risk thyroid cancers are still receiving radioactive iodine ablation, which may be unnecessary.

Surgery resident Dr. Eric Kuo described results from the UCLA randomized study comparing molecular testing for indeterminate thyroid nodules. Approximately 20% of thyroid biopsies are uncertain (not clearly benign or malignant), and in these cases molecular tests can help to give a more accurate diagnosis.

This helps patients with uncertain biopsy results avoid unnecessary surgery. Principal investigators Drs. Masha Livhits and Michael Yeh compared two leading molecular tests to determine which one was more accurate.

Dr. Michael Yeh discussed how to avoid unnecessary surgery, eliminate complications, and reduce costs associated with thyroid surgery.


ATA Presentation
From Left: Dr. Livhits, Resident Dr. Eric Kuo
ATA Presentation
From Left: Student Roy Park & Dr. Livhits


ATA Presentation
ATA Presentation
Presentation: Dr. Michael Yeh