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We have one of the highest volume kidney transplant programs in the country, with outstanding patient outcomes. To learn more, call 310-825-6836.

If you are a kidney donor, please contact the Living Donor Line at 866-672-5333.

We have transplanted approximately 8,000 kidneys since our program began in 1965 - giving hope to numerous patients with end-stage renal disease.

This deep level of expertise particularly benefits patients with complex medical conditions or anatomical challenges. We are one of the nation's largest kidney transplant programs, with exceptional outcomes to match our high volume. We also offer leading pancreas transplants, with our two programs working closely together.

Why Choose UCLA Kidney Transplant?

We offer some of the most experienced adult and pediatric kidney transplant surgeons and physicians anywhere.

Our patients consistently achieve outstanding survival rates. Our outcomes for both adult kidney transplant and pediatric kidney transplant have been higher than the national average for almost 20 years in a row. This achievement is especially significant considering that as a referral center, we routinely take on challenging patient cases.

We offer benefits other programs can't match:

  • Care for complex conditions: UCLA's physicians and clinicians are experts in all types of transplant and care for serious disease. This background means we can manage your care, even if your illness impacts multiple organs. We are uniquely skilled in kidney-pancreas transplant.
  • Team approach: We pioneered the idea of medical and surgical specialists working in unison to treat advanced kidney disease, with the close collaboration of our Nephrology and Urology teams serving as a model for other programs worldwide.
  • Pediatric-to-adult care in one hospital: We are one of only a few programs that offer the full spectrum of pediatric and adult care, from birth through adulthood. That coverage means patients of different ages involved in a living-donor transplant can be seen in the same facility - a source of great comfort for families during a difficult time. As pediatric kidney transplant recipients grow, we have a special program to help them transition to adult care.
  • Personalized medicine: Our care isn't one-size-fits-all. We provide highly personalized patient care, with teams to meet all of your needs and all aspects of care. We also offer support groups for patients before and after transplant. 
  • One centralized facility: The Connie Frank Kidney Transplant Center opened in 2015. This user-friendly, patient-centered clinic provides 24/7 access to the transplant team, as well as our own phlebotomy and infusion center. 

Innovative Care to Expand Transplant Opportunities

Our groundbreaking program developed tissue typing for kidney transplants and has gone on to create other innovations. We have established and improved kidney transplant practices that other programs around the world have adopted:

  • Living donor transplant: Our experience in living donor kidney transplant makes transplant possible for many additional patients. For pediatric patients, an adult donor and pediatric patient can be transplanted in the same hospital, which brings peace of mind to families.
  • Kidney exchange: Even if your living donor isn't a match, you may still be able to receive a transplant. Through our Kidney Exchange Program, your donor gives a kidney to a compatible recipient, and you receive a kidney from a donor who is compatible with you.
  • Incompatible blood type: Our transplant team has broken the ABO blood group barrier, making it possible for patients who have antibodies to most potential donors to receive a transplant. Read more about incompatible blood type kidney transplant.
  • Transplant for patients with sensitized immune systems: Our clinical expertise, combined with innovation from research and trials, has resulted in immunotherapy regimens that can help many additional patients in need of a transplant. Learn more about immunotherapy for patients with kidney failure and sensitized immune systems. [PDF]
  • Transplant with Hepatitis C and HIV: We perform kidney transplants in some patients who are HCV- or HIV-positive. Learn more about transplantation and hepatitis C or HIV [PDF]

Because UCLA combines an academic campus and a hospital, we can offer you breakthroughs and clinical trials quickly. Our scientific work has expanded knowledge in the field and improved clinical results for all patients.

Learn more about our research and trials.

How You Can Help

UCLA is dedicated to providing the best possible care to patients diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. The UCLA Kidney Transplant Program is one of the nation's leaders in the field. The generosity of its donors has been essential to its growth. All gifts are appreciated, and your contribution will help ensure the continuation of excellent patient care and research initiatives.

Thank you for your kind consideration. With your help, we can save lives.