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The Force is with this young transplant patient

Kathlyn Chassey of San Antonio, Texas with Star Wars Storm Troopers

A 24 year-old woman with cystic fibrosis is starting the new year with new hope thanks to help from the U.S. Air Force, Chewbacca from "Star Wars" and a UCLA surgeon who said yes to a high-risk case.

Kathlyn Chassey of San Antonio, Texas, was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease characterized by the build-up in the lungs of thick, sticky mucus that traps infection-causing bacteria. Chassey's father, Chris, is a chief master sergeant in the United States Air Force. Last November, when her breathing problems worsened. Her condition became critical, and she was placed on life support to take over her breathing function. The only chance of saving her life, doctors warned, was a lung transplant. Read more

1,000th surgery performed at UCLA Lung Transplant

1000th transplant - donor lung recipient Elba De Contreras, 59, from Goleta, California and lung transplant team

The UCLA Lung Transplant program performed its 1,000th transplant surgery in mid-September, becoming the first program on the West Coast, and one of only seven centers nationwide, to achieve this milestone. The recipient of the donor lungs was Elba De Contreras, 59, from Goleta, California, who suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. The six-hour surgery took place at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, led by Dr. Abbas Ardehali, surgical director of the lung and heart transplant programs. Read more

Life saving transplant at UCLA

Video courtesy of KCAL News

Team Jake receives double lung transplant

Video courtesy of KABC News

Team Jake waits for lung transplant

Video courtesy of KCAL News

UCLA performs first breathing lung transplantation in U.S.

The lung transplant team at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical successfully performed the nation's first "breathing lung" transplant Nov 2012. The ground breaking transplant involved an experimental organ-preservation device known as the Organ Care System (OCS), which keeps donor lungs functioning and "breathing" in a near-physiologic state outside the body during transport. The current standard involves transporting donor lungs in a non-functioning, non-breathing state inside an icebox. Watch video

UCLA transplant doctors honored for life-saving work

Double-lung transplant recipient State Senator Runner praises doctors' dedication. Read more

The woman who lived

Meara Schmidt

The Atascadero News profiles Meara Schmidt who underwent a double-lung transplant.


Celebrating nurses in Los Angeles

Carol Burch - Advance for Nurses

Advance for Nurses profiles nurse manager of the UCLA Heart and Lung Transplant program, Caron Burch, MSN, RN, FNP, CCTC. Read more