Cancer free

April 13, 2017
By mom of 2
1 min read

Here for the one year anniversary. All is clear! Dr. Yeh was very pleased and my scar is practically invisible. (And I usually scar horribly.) I was very scared and emotional after the diagnosis. I was recommended to come here although I live out of town. I got in very quickly and they made it so easy. The pre-op was one day and the surgery was the next. It is so easy for out of town patients and a no-brainer for locals.

After surgery with no thyroid, I had to go on medications. Dr. Yeh and Dr. Livhits advocated for the correct dosage and I have felt the exact same as I did before. I thought I'd never feel myself again. But I'm healthy, I'm strong and I workout. I was high energy before, and I am high energy again. The local doctors where I live where I live were amazed by the incredible work Dr. Yeh and Dr. Livhits have done.

A week after surgery, I went to a Justin Bieber concert with my girlfriends. One month after surgery my husband and I went to Italy for two weeks and hiked and enjoyed ourselves.

Dr. Yeh and Dr. Livhits are so easy to talk to and they really go above and beyond!

Dr. Livhits with a patient
Dr. Livhits with a patient