Our Mission

To deliver compassionate, inclusive and equitable care to support our diverse LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) community.

Our Vision

To create an equitable, affirming and supportive environment for our LGBTQ+ patients, their families and our staff by providing resources and compassionate health care delivered with dignity, kindness and respect.

Equitable Care Committee

UCLA Health has formed an Equitable Care Committee (ECC) to support its LGBTQ+ Health Initiative. The ECC strives to improve issues pertaining to LGBTQ+ patients and their families, including but not limited to issues involving patient access to health care, family visitation, workforce cultural competency on LGBTQ+ issues, community engagement and quality of health care.

The ECC is comprised of executive leadership, physician champions and workgroups to support the mission and vision of the LGBTQ+ Health Initiative.

ECC Workgroups

The following workgroups are meeting regularly to implement policies and practices to help support these efforts throughout the health system:

  • Human Resources
    • Workforce Diversity
    • Employee Engagement
    • Labor Relations Laws/Regulations
  • Electronic Health Records
    • Definitions
    • Medical Coding
    • Patient Registration
    • Workforce Training
  • Training and Education
    • Workforce/Manager Training (Non-Clinician)
    • Leadership Training
    • Cultural Competency
  • Clinician Training
    • Education
    • Cultural Competency
  • Research
  • Marketing and Community Relations
    • Branding
    • Community Engagement/Events
    • Patient Family Advisory Council
    • Website
  • Facilities
  • Regulatory and Strategic Planning