Classroom Corner: Fleming Middle School Rewarded for SPARK Fundraiser


PE Class

During Giving Season, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind held a crowdfunding contest among select schools for a chance to win a custom package for their fitness center.

More than a dozen UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind teachers were provided with an “ambassador kit,” which contained templates for social media posts, photos, captions, email, and letters. Teachers were encouraged to share the fundraiser with peers, parent centers, administrators, and students.

Hosted by UCLA SPARK, a crowdfunding platform for UCLA affiliated groups and organizations, this was the first fundraiser of its kind for the UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind team.

The fundraiser brought more than 49 donors to the program, raising just over $4K.

Mrs. Catharine Primosch of Fleming Middle School was the winner of the contest. She said her winning strategy was to hand out slips of paper to all her students with the fundraiser information. She asked students to take selfies, post on social media, and share with their families.

Mrs. Primosch won three spin bikes for her school fitness center. Spin bikes were an important addition because students often lack indoor alternatives for cardiovascular endurance and aerobic capacity.

“It’s really about pinpointing what the kids’ needs are and using that as guidance,” said Mrs. Primosch. “Having the spin bikes is another avenue of increasing their cardiovascular endurance.”

Providing additional resources to committed SBSM schools is a key priority for the program moving forward. SBSM continues to find ways to engage existing schools and serve as a community leader in the physical education space.

Photo: Fleming Middle School PE teacher Mrs. Catharine Primosch enriches student understanding of health and fitness through the UCLA Health SBSM Fitness Center.