Ali Nsair, MD

Interview: Dr. Ali Nsair

UCLA Health Interview: Dr. Ali Nsair – UCLA Sports Cardiology


Our inaugural UCLA Health interview takes place with Dr. Ali Nsair, who is the Director of the Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at UCLA.

PE teacher Carla Richardson

School Highlight: Carla Richardson

A conversation with Charles Evans Hughes Middle School PE teacher Carla Richardson


Charles Evans Hughes Middle School was one of three schools chosen for the 2020 UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind Fitness Center Grant.

Physical Education at Home supplies

Physical Education At-Home

Making an Impact: UCLA Health Adopts Approach for Physical Education At Home


Using creativity and innovation, UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind quickly assembled resources for teaching physical education in an online environment. In April, SBSM staff worked with educators to create nine weeks of lessons for teachers. Five school districts received weekly digital packets with workouts, nutrition lessons and tools for boosting mental wellness.

Summer Squash Recipe in English

Recipe Spotlight: Summer Squash

Berry Tofu Smoothie recipe in English

Recipe Spotlight: Berry Tofu Smoothie

Kids at Curtiss

At-home physical education kits


Since most schools began remotely this fall, many students did not have adequate access to traditional physical education. That's why UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind (SBSM) partnered with several local organizations to provide Los Angeles area students with at-home physical education kits. About 3,500 kits were distributed to students and families the week of August 10th. As schools prepared for the fall semester online, SBSM helped to extend access to health and fitness resources for families of high need.

Child holding barbells

Physical education deserves a place in remote learning

As the majority of California students prepare to learn remotely this fall, one subject that is likely to fall off the public’s radar is physical education (P.E.). But with many children learning at home, without a playground or fitness resources at their disposal, physical education will become more important than ever. 

Huntington Park story

UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind Brings Fitness Resources to Huntington Park Community


In March, Spectrum One News did a feature on Huntington Park High School student, Joshlyn Ramirez, highlighting the community health and fitness resources provided by UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind. 

Fleming Middle School Rewarded for SPARK Fundraiser


During Giving Season, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind held a crowdfunding contest among select schools for a chance to win a custom package for their fitness center.

An international PE teacher on movement outside of PE


In April 2019, the UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind team participated in an international physical education conference in Barcelona, Spain. 

Making an Impact: Huntington Park


This year, for the first time, our program will move beyond the scope of middle and high schools and include a citywide initiative for the community of Huntington Park, expanding access to health resources for all residents.

Madison’s Race-clock Culture


The bulldog is a fitting mascot for the teachers and students of James Madison Middle School in North Hollywood. Known for its strength and perseverance, the bulldog embodies the character of this diverse and energizing environment.

Simon Delivers Conference Keynote


In February 2019, SBSM co-founder Bill Simon headlined the California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) state conference in Garden Grove, California.

Students Run Los Angeles Builds Resilience in SBSM Students


“Life is a big long journey that’s painful and sometimes you don’t want to do it anymore, you just want to sit down and stop, but as long as you keep going, you’ll meet your goal.”



As Bill Simon, cofounder of UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind, walked out, he took the clicker from his pocket, put on a smile, and took a deep breath.

USA Today OpEd


In December, SBSM co-founder Bill Simon wrote an op-ed in USA Today on the importance of physical education and the need for students to be more active.

Making an Impact


This year marked our 20th year of service and commitment to Los Angeles area youth. Our mission has always been to fight childhood obesity by empowering and equipping physical education teachers with resources that make fitness fun and effective.

20th Anniversary Thank You


From breaking a sweat while playing during the reception, to listening to the many ways our program has changed the lives of our school partners, our 20th Anniversary Celebration was a perfect blend of gratitude and fun.

Classroom Resource Corner


Looking for ideas on how to use your Hyperwear sandbells?

The Power of a Community Leader


Veronica Reyes, a hard-working mom from Cudahy, California who has dedicated more than 20 years to volunteering in health and fitness.

SPARK Crowd-fundraiser


 Crowd-fundraising works because people like you care about the health of our youth. You not only donate, but you also share our program on social media and email.

SBSM adds Nutrition to Curriculum


UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind partnered with UCLA Health Sports Performance powered by EXOS to pilot a nutrition component of the SBSM curriculum.

Marshall Academy of the Arts


It is often difficult for teachers to find ways to increase instructional time without cutting into other classes or holding students beyond school hours. In physical education, the challenges are even greater.

Break a Sweat, Change Your Life Book


Motivated by the increase in research on the positive impacts of exercise, our founder William E. Simon Jr., wrote a captivating book urging adults to take a greater interest in the activity of our youth.

How to Foster Healthy Habits in Kids – While Promoting Body Positivity


UCLA Sound Body Sound Mind program featured in U.S. News Health