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Bounce back faster from your injury.

Prevent re-injury and compensative injury.

Perform better after your injury.

Recovering from an injury can take longer time than you want it to. Often we re-injure ourselves because we tried to get back to the activities we used to do before we were ready for it. Or we get new injuries resulting from compensatory movements while undergoing the lengthy injury treatment and rehab process.

Bounce back faster from your injury by working with our Exos sports performance specialists. We can help guide you out of the rehab stage back to full performance. With training and nutritional guidance from our expert coaches and dietitian, you can prevent re-injury and compensation injuries. 

Whether your goals are to return back to sport, work, or any physical activity, we will help you get ready for your moment that matters! When you work with our team, we can ensure you a full recovery and perform even better than you were moving before your injury.

We can collaborate with your medical provider, whether they are a doctor or physical therapist, to get their recommendations so we can work together to facilitate a successful transition back to performance-based activities.


1-on-1 Performance Consultation - We will discuss goals, injury history, rehab status, and training history. We will take you through a functional movement screen to identify unknown areas of need and concern. From there we will design a game plan to get you ready.

Semi-Private Training - You will work with an Exos Performance Specialist who will coach you through a tailored training program based on your needs and injury recovery progress. The semi-private training setting guarantees a maximum 5:1 client to coach ratio, so you get the personal attention you need to get stronger and more resilient while staying safe and injury-free.

Nutrition Consultation - You will have a 1-on-1 session with an Exos Performance Nutrition Specialist who will provide you with optimal dietary guidelines that will help set you on the best nutrition plan to support your injury recovery journey. 

Medical Considerations - If you are concurrently working with a rehab specialist, we can provide your medical practitioner with a movement scoring sheet so they can best communicate their recommendations to us. We will integrate their recommendations and work together to help you transition back to full performance.


During the Performance Consultation, we can help you decide which game plan will best fit your needs:

Training Frequency1 Month Commitment3 Month Commitment
Elite (Unlimited)$699/mo$649/mo
Premium (9x/mo)$599/mo$549/mo
Select (5x/mo)$449/mo$399/mo

Referral Form for Medical Practitioners

Download the General Movement Scoring Sheet here.

This form can be a useful tool to help medical practitioners refer their patients into our Injury Recovery Program. 

Practitioner Directions:

Please fill out your recommendations in each category and provide this sheet to your client, so our team at UCLA Health Sports Performance can help them facilitate a successful transition back to performance-based activities.

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