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Our professional and elite athlete training programs combine training and nutrition to ensure optimal performance for the preseason, in-season, and offseason of any sport. These programs focus on building strength, power, speed, quickness, and endurance specific to each sport and athlete, while creating greater mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential. Athlete evaluations help to determine each athlete’s current physical strengths and weaknesses and provide approaches to meet their goals. This analysis also helps assess current performance systems, injury trends, and areas of concern for management. As a professional athlete, you're challenged every day to perform at the highest levels against the best competition in the world. Being prepared physically and mentally is essential to gain a competitive edge and enjoy a long, productive career.

Sessions are offered five days a week.

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Our state-of-the-art 2,500 square foot space is located within the UCLA Health Training Center – Home of the Los Angeles Lakers

UCLA Health Sports Performance
2275 E Mariposa Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245
Entrance to the Sports Performance Center is located inside the parking gate on Parkview Drive South.

Phone: 310-426-1407
Hours of operation: 6am – 7pm, M – F

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