Training & Funding

Imagine MicrobiomeTraining


Thanks to the Goodman-Luskin Microbiome Center’s world-leading expertise; collaborative, multidisciplinary environment; and extensive menu of specialized core services, the center provides an outstanding ecosystem in which to nurture the next generation of superstar microbiome researchers.

Rather than having to go it on their own, junior investigators will have the support of standouts in microbiome research as well as convenient access to core services such as neuroimaging, bioinformatics and administrative support – providing a sturdy framework for them to rise in the field.

•    Administrative
•    Biorepository
•    Clinical studies and database
•    Gnotobiotics
•    Integrative biostatistics and bioinformatics
•    Microbiome
•    Neuroimaging

Building on the UCLA Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases’ prestigious fellowship program – one of the largest in the nation – early-career investigators will be given specialized training in integrative microbiome research.

Indeed, the strength of the division’s training program is evidenced by the investigators who have come through the program and gone on to become members and leaders in microbiome and brain gut microbiome research.

Pilot & Feasibility

Pilot and Feasibility

The Goodman-Luskin Microbiome Center will offer a Pilot & Feasibility Program to support innovative microbiome research by center members. Funding will be provided in the form of vouchers for the use of Goodman-Luskin Microbiome Center core services. More information on the program including eligibility and the application process will be released soon.